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Who is Jumanne Mtambalike

Jumanne Mtambalike is an innovator, author, early-stage investor, futurist, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast who is optimistic about the future of Africa.

Best known for championing the building of stable innovation ecosystems in Africa, he is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sahara Ventures. A company dedicated to building a sound innovation technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa. Among many notable achievements, he is best known in innovation circles as the first Buni Innovation Hub Manager and champion of Silicon Dar, Tanzania's first organically formed technology district in the country's financial capital, Dar es Salaam. For two successive years, in 2017 and 2018, he was voted the most influential Tanzanian in science and technology. His mantra is the use of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to solve Africa's most complex challenges. Learn More

The Diary of An African Hub Manager

Insights about Africa's innovation and technology entrepreneurship ecosystem. Lessons from my ten years of experience working with different ecosystem actors across the continent. Pre-Order Your Copy

Afruturist On Medium

I blog about technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and the future of Africa. Occasionally, I write about personal issues and things I learn along the way. Learn More

About Sahara Ventures

I cofounded Sahara Ventures with a vision to build Africa's Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship Ecosystem - Lean More

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Sahara Ventures, 4Th Floor,
Victoria Noble Center,
New Bagamoyo Road,
Dar es salaam, Tanzania